Innovative Medical Center’s goal is to help you begin feeling as well as you did in your 20s and 30s, before your natural testosterone levels began to decrease. To accomplish this goal, we use bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to optimize and regulate your testosterone levels along with several other hormones. Since the hormones we use occur naturally in your body, it greatly reduces many of the adverse side-effects commonly associated with synthetic therapies.

To begin treatment, we need three things to occur: First, we need lab-work from you. This will help understand your current testosterone levels and ensure we get the initial dosing correct. It will also help us identify anything else that might be going on. Secondly, we will need a completed intake form with your informed consent. This will help us understand your health history, your current symptoms, and a few lifestyle considerations and goals that will also assist us in determining the best course of action. Lastly, we bring it all together in the consultation with one of our providers. The lab work, coupled with the information from the intake will guide our practitioner in asking the right questions to make absolutely sure that we get you off on the right foot as quickly as possible with your initial prescription. Our approach saves you time and money by ensuring we eliminate as much trial and error as possible.

After being on the initial therapy for 60 days, we follow up with you again with additional lab-work and another consultation to ensure the treatment is working as desired. This also gives us a chance to determine if your individual physiology requires any additional tweaking to ensure the most appropriate dosing and optimal state is achieved. After this follow-up appointment, you will usually only be required to follow up with us once every six months. Make no mistake however, if you ever feel that anything is amiss or if you feel like your hormones are out of balance, please let us know immediately and we will get you back to the lab for lab work as soon as possible.

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