Innovative Medical Center the best place to do rehabilitation, they have the best staff and are very professional team!
Susan Nugent Avatar
Susan Nugent
I love this place! Everyone is willing to help you and they have the best customer service! My back is so much better now and I love the stretches they have me doing to help my back!!
Irene Mendoza Avatar
Irene Mendoza
The whole team is awesome! I am now pain free thanks to this office!
Gabby P. Avatar
Gabby P.
I love the staff in the office my my improvement on my back and all has improved 95% I struggled with my pain for the last five years I was to the point where I was thinking of surgery my father saw the commercial for Inovative Medical center and asked me to get a second opinion I am very happy that I took the time to come instead of doing surgery do you
reyes darlene Avatar
reyes darlene
No medications need to get treatedAll you need is 3 days per week for 3 monthsGot prp and tri injectionsBody poster got improvedAlso getting treated for muscle relaxation injectionsAfter a few days of coming here you will see improvementsThey also give immune system injections too
Adriana Camarilo Avatar
Adriana Camarilo
Pain free at IMC! Wonderful place. Great team.
Tom S Avatar
Tom S
My back feels great! The staff is pretty cool too.
Anthony Elliott Avatar
Anthony Elliott
I’ve been working here for nearly 4 years. This is not only an amazing place to work at but if you become one of our patients you are going to truly be taken care of! If you don’t believe it come and test us out and you’ll see for yourself.
Jesse Bojorquez Avatar
Jesse Bojorquez
I work here at Innovative Medical Center and let me tell you... I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Helping people take that first step to regaining their quality of life is such an amazing feeling and then seeing patients go through treatment and be able to achieve their functional goals makes working here so rewarding. Not only is the staff amazing but the enviorment is tailored to help our patients be motivated to getting better. Call us, schedule a consultation, and see how we can help you!
Isaac Rangel Avatar
Isaac Rangel
I like the services of this facility. They are very friendly and helpful.
Socorro Fairbanks Avatar
Socorro Fairbanks
My experience here has been spectacular. Sarah is super welcoming and informative! I would recommend innovative medical center to anyone in pain.
Baja Fremont Avatar
Baja Fremont
It is very good people
Buthainah Alnather Avatar
Buthainah Alnather
3 days of care already have feeling coming back to my feet and legs. So excited!!
Cathy Avatar
I love this place. The staff is Amazing and Always makes you puts a smile on your face. They make you a Priority. This is my 2cnd week and already feeling a difference for the better.
Kaylynn Hoffman Avatar
Kaylynn Hoffman
I have been a client for over two months now. I had major knee, lower back, and neck pain. I couldn't walk without pain. I found out my knee was out of joint and my hip was rotated out, along with neck and back curvature lost. I have no more pain now and have been able to walk without pain and my posture, flexibility, and strength has exceeded my expectations. Thanks to the team at innovative medical for imprvong my health without surgery. Just exercises, chiropractic treatment and healthy shots.
Karolyn Lambrecht Avatar
Karolyn Lambrecht