What is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is damage to, or disease affecting the nerves, and this can be associated with your feet, legs, arms, hands, and back. Neuropathy is a progressive disease, it DOES get worse over time. You want to catch the disease before it goes into a non-treatable status.

What causes Neuropathy?

Diabetes | Poor circulation | Chemotherapy drugs | Surgeries | Autoimmune diseases| |Alcohol | Cigarette Smoking

What conditions can our Neuropathy Program treat?

Numbness | Burning Pain | Cramping |Sharp Electrical Pain | Prickling |Tingling |Balance Problems and Falls | Can’t Sleep from Foot Pain | Numb or painful feet and hands | Feels like you are walking on marshmallows or marbles | Burning or cramping in your feet or legs | Tingling or pain in your hands

What are the benefits of our Neuropathy Treatment?

Successful neuropathy treatment can increase blood flow, stimulate the nerves, decrease inflammation, and be activated through therapy.
This minimally invasive treatment allows you to return to the activities you love with a reduced risk of side effects, infection, or increased damage.
If you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms and are serious about regaining your life and finding out more about your options, schedule an appointment online with our team or call Innovative Medical Center to find out if our Neuropathy Program is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am not that bad yet, can’t I wait till it gets worse?
Remember Neuropathy is a progressive, degenerating disease. We CAN NOT help a killed nerve, if you wait until then, the nerve can no longer be helped and can result in amputation.
As Neuropathy gets worse, people start suffering more. They start sitting a lot more, and they stop doing the activities they love to do.

2. Do you have to be diabetic to have Neuropathy?
No. There are many other symptoms that can also lead to Neuropathy. A few examples of other conditions that can lead to Neuropathy are: Poor circulation, chemotherapy drugs, surgeries, autoimmune diseases, alcohol, and cigarette smoking.

3. What is the treatment for Neuropathy?
The first step is to find out IF you are a candidate for care and what you will need. The IMC medical team will perform a consultation, 16 point neurological evaluation, and a recommended treatment plan.

4. What is our Neuropathy Program good for?
• Numbness
• Burning Pain
• Cramping
• Sharp Electrical Pain
• Prickling
• Tingling
• Balance Problems and Falls
• Can’t Sleep from Foot Pain
• Numb or painful feet and hands
• Feels like you are walking on marshmallows or marbles
• Burning or cramping in your feet or legs
• Tingling or pain in your hands

Priyank A Patel
Priyank A Patel
August 27, 2022.
Great staff! Love the results. Went in for my knee, and after the first injection, I started walking without a limp and with no pain.
Ashley Darby
Ashley Darby
August 24, 2022.
I have been going here for 10 years. Dr roland helped my daughter have a higher quality of life. Every physical activity she does is due to him seeing what her drs refused to see. She had a seizure due to medication she was taking for chronic constipation. Dr Roland noticed she was off a bit and offered to take a look at her back. She was completely out of alignment. He helped her not have the struggles and she now is able to have full range of movement. The office staff is beyond friendly I have always felt welcome here.
August 24, 2022.
I have had an amazing experience with the staff at IMC. I did stem cell replacement with our non verbal severely autistic son and the results were amazing for our family. It was a joy to go through this journey with them and I continue to take my children there and they have helped more then some MD's with treatments. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Jesse Gonzales
Jesse Gonzales
June 27, 2022.
What can I say about IMC? Let me start off by saying if every medical office cared about their patients the way these people do, we would have no need for doctors! They are about healing you. It’s as if they’re treating their own mother. The love and concern that they have for their patients is unbelievable! I went in there barely able to move. It took me literally about 5 minutes to get out of a chair, with the help of cane. I cannot believe how far I’ve come! Before my treatment was over I was actually able to take my daughter to an amusement park where I was on my feet walking all day! That ment so much to me! To be able to give my daughter something she deserves. Instead of being cooped up in the house because her dad was unable to leave the house because he was in too much pain. They not only brought hope back into my life. But they made it possible for my daughter to experience life, as she should. I’d give these people the world if I could! Because that’s what they gave to my daughter! Thank you IMC!
June 13, 2022.
Absolutely highest and best customer service. Clean office. Very professional, friendly and knowledgeable staff.
Alexis Gamble
Alexis Gamble
May 12, 2022.
I love it here 😍
Maria de Jesus Lopez
Maria de Jesus Lopez
March 15, 2022.
I have felt great improvement ever since I got the stem therapy. I highly recommend everyone to come here