What causes neck pain?

Neck pain is a common problem that affects most people at some time during their lives. Some of the most common causes of neck pain include:
• Poor alignment of the vertebrae (subluxation)
• Herniated discs in the neck
• Bone spurs
• Arthritis
• Whiplash or other trauma
• Forward head posture
• Tension in the neck muscles

In some cases, patients may experience neck pain because of a combination of different causes. For example, a patient may have a herniated disc that is aggravated by tension in the neck and a forward head posture.

How does Innovative Medical Center treat neck pain?

The doctors at Innovative Medical Center begin the treatment of neck pain by examining the patient thoroughly to determine the factors that may be contributing to the pain. Once the doctor has identified the source of the pain, they will create a treatment plan that addresses these issues. Innovative Medical Center’s treatment plans typically include a customized combination of therapies, including corrective exercises, physical therapy, trigger point injections, soft tissue massage, and spinal manipulation.

How does Innovative Medical Center’s treatment benefit patients with neck pain?

Each of the therapies Innovative Medical Center recommends plays a different role in the treatment of neck pain. For example, trigger point injections is designed to alleviate pain in specific areas. Likewise, massage therapy soothes aching muscles and induces a state of relaxation for the patient. It also encourages oxygen-rich blood to flow to the treatment area, which promotes healing and removes harmful toxins.

Corrective exercises and physical therapy can improve neck pain by strengthening muscles that are weak or damaged, as well as by improving posture and stability. Finally, spinal manipulation can aid in the treatment of neck pain by resolving any problems with the patient’s alignment that may be contributing to the pain.

How soon will patients notice results?

Some patients experience a relief from neck pain after their first visit to Innovative Medical Center. However, many patients will need to attend more than one treatment session to achieve optimum results. Over time, the patient’s neck will become stronger, more stable, and less likely to cause pain.