Green Foods

Green FoodsKeep your health at the highest optimal level by eating green foods!

Green foods provide many vitamins and minerals that are vital to your health and well-being.

Here are a few:

  • Green grapes – packed with Vitamin C & Vitamin K – supports healthy bones and tissue
  • Cucumber – contains antioxidants & can help keep you hydrated – supports bone health
  • Green bell peppers – double the amount of Vitamin C than an orange – aid in relieving pain and swelling associated with Osteoarthritis and RA
  • Kale – can help lower cholesterol – contains fiber & calcium
  • Asparagus – low in calories – improves digestion and helps lower blood pressure
  • Brussel sprouts – potentially reduces the risk of cancer & helps improve blood sugar control
  • Avocado – healthy fat – they contain more potassium than bananas!
  • Zucchini – strengthens your vision – high in fiber & rich in copper which is highly effective in treating Asthma
  • Kiwi – helps prevent sickness – reduces blood clotting – excellent source of iron
  • Limes – fights infections – good source of magnesium – rejuvenates skin!
  • Green apples – helps you break down foods better & they contain pectin: a fiber that works as a prebiotic that helps grow healthy bacteria in your gut
  • Green pears – can help lower the risk of diabetes & strengthen blood vessels
  • Broccoli – promotes bone health
  • Celery – promotes healthy blood pressure
  • Spinach- helps the digestive system
  • Green Beans – great source of different vitamins
  • Basil- helps fight inflammation
  • Seaweed- has Zinc to increase your immune system


Above all, the items above are great to eat alone or you can even add it to a salad!


Here at Innovative Medical Center we know how important it is to keep your immune system at its highest optimal level, and nutrition is a great way to start!

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