Integrative; serving or intending to unify separate things


Here at Innovative Medical Center we believe in the power of integrative medicine to treat the body as a whole.                                                                       

October is a very special month to us. It celebrates and recognizes two practices we believe integrate together seamlessly: physical therapy and chiropractic, the peanut butter to our jelly.

Here at IMC, we don’t believe in masking a problem. We believe in diving deeper and getting to the root cause of what’s causing your pain or aliment.

It is important to remember that it usually is not one thing that causes our aliments; this is why we believe in blending different practices for an even better outcome.

Pain comes in various shapes and sizes, and is usually caused by various things; poor alignment and improper use of muscles and/or lack of strength in some muscles are typically main contributors.

Thus the use of chiropractic which uses adjustments to provide relief and the use of physical therapy, which uses movement, work together to contribute to your recovery.

Both physical therapy and chiropractic address similar problems, however, they use dissimilar methods to attain the most desired result. Together, chiropractic and physical therapy provide effective rehabilitation to the area of injury,

inflammation, pain, or dysfunction. These practices are beneficial both physically and mentally.  Pain and discomfort can hinder us; hold us back from doing the things we love, which takes a toll on our mental health.

We want to give you the tools, tips, and best treatment so that you can get back to doing what you love.

Taking care of ourselves should always be a priority, so this month make it a priority to take care of yourself and stop in today!

Call us today at (559) 222-5362 to schedule your appointment to see how integrative medicine can help you be pain free.



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