Events and Seminars held by Innovative Medical Center in the Central Valley

Are you suffering from chronic pain and want to regain your quality of life? We focus on the body as a whole. We don’t chase the symptoms, we get down to the root of the problem and fix it, not just mask your symptoms with medications.

Our health care team gets results because we treat the whole person, all under one roof. Need answers to your questions you may have regarding your specific condition? These seminars will answer all your questions!

We offer Educational Dinner Seminar Events on how we can help you become pain free without the use of medications and unnecessary surgeries. You CAN live PAIN FREE! 








Register for one of Joint Pain Seminar Events below:

August & September, Joint Pain Seminars


Register for one of our Neuropathy/ Nerve Damage Seminar Events below:

August & September, Neuropathy Seminars


Register for one of our Back Pain Seminars below:

August & September, Back Pain Seminars




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