What is a herniated disc?

Spinal discs are small, rubbery cushions that fill the spaces between the vertebrae in the back. In some cases, the softer center of the disc protrudes. This is known as a “herniated disc.” Most herniated discs occur in the lower back, but they can occur in other parts of the back as well.

Often, surgery is given as the only option to heal damaged discs in the back. This type of surgery is often risky, as it can lead to further trauma and pain, let alone the huge recovery time and expense.

What are the symptoms of a herniated disc?

The most common symptoms of a herniated disc are:
• Pain in the arm or leg
• Numbness or tingling in the affected body part
• Weakness in the muscles served by affected nerves

What causes herniated discs?

In most cases, patients develop herniated discs because of normal wear and tear related to aging. As a person ages, the spinal discs lose some of their fluid content, which makes them less flexible and more likely to become herniated with even minor activities. In other cases, a herniated disc may occur after a traumatic event, such as a fall.

Some people are more likely to develop herniated discs than others. Herniated discs are more common among people who are overweight or spend a lot of time performing activities that put stress on the back. Having a family history of herniated discs may also raise a patient’s risk of developing this condition.

How does Innovative Medical Center treat herniated discs?

Innovative Medical Center develops customized treatment plans for every patient with a herniated disc. The doctor will develop this treatment plan based on the patient’s specific symptoms, the location of the herniated disc, and other unique characteristics. Treatment plans prescribed to patients at Innovative Medical Center may include a combination of NDS(No Disc Surgery) Treatment Method and rehabilitative therapy. All therapies and services rendered are closely monitored by highly trained medical staff and doctors.