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I have always suffered from neck/back pain due to a life of contact sports. In addition, I had horrible arch pain limiting my physicality, and making simple walking miserable. The combination of adjustments, strengthening, and other methods quickly eliminated foot pain and relieved tension. I'm back running full speed, walking all day without pain, and virtually no stiffness every morning. The program and team were great!

Anthony E. 



When I first started at Innovative Medical, I was fatigued and in a very constant amount of bodyside pain. After just 3 visits (but even after the 1st!) I began to feel so much better - I was strengthening my muscles while being able to relax them easier. Because treatment has made me feel so much better, my outlook on lief and overall energy has shifted in such a positive direction! I can never thank my friends at Innovative Medical enough for changing my life!

Mackena D.



To the Staff at Innovative Medical Center,

I am writing this letter first of all to thank the staff for building a cordial yet professional atmosphere. The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable always going out of their way to help or resolve issues as they arose. My experience was very positive and informative.

I arrived for my first appointment with limited range of motion in my shoulders, neck, and back. I also learned after a few appointments that my hips, hamstrings, and quadriceps, also had a very limited range of motion. After a few more visits I began to see improvement in all areas. The staff continued to change my physical therapy routine throughout my rehabilitation until I completed my sessions with a greater range of motion.

Once completed with my rehabilitation I was a given an exercise routine to help keep my body working properly. I was also advised to keep in touch and ask if there was anything I needed to help maintain my body working properly.

I want to thank the entire staff for their help and motivation throughout this journey

Louie M.



Thank you, Dr. Roulund and all of the staff at Innovative Medical Center for your assistance in relieving the pain in my back, shoulder, and neck. After numerous doctor's visits, tests, and x-rays to find a cause and solution for the extreme pain I was in, which all resulted in my doctor telling me that there was nothing wrong with me, I came to Innovative Medical Center and I am thankful that I did because now I only feel pain when I do something I am not supposed to do. The physical therapy was hard work but Esther and Eddie (and sometimes Ernie) made it bearable. Their friendliness and words of encouragement kept me from giving up and continue on even when I was exhausted from a long day at work. The ladies up front were always very helpful and greeted me with smiles every time I came in. The atmosphere was always welcoming and I looked forward to my sessions, even with Dr. Ken, Dominic, and Dr. Silva, who even though it was painful sometimes, always managed to alleviate the pain after they were finished. 

Thank you again to all of you,

Shawna S.




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