Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment Without Medications or Surgeries!

Increasing age increases your risk for knee Osteoarthritis (OA).

Decreasing body mass index and increasing physical activity are instrumental in preventing the progression of knee OA.

Obesity has been found to be the primary preventable cause of knee OA and the second most preventable cause of OA in men after major knee injury.

Obese individuals have 4 to 10 fold higher risk of developing OA than those of average weight. This is due to the excess load across the knee joint that equals approximately 4 times their body weight.

Light to moderate exercise combats knee OA by stimulating the remodeling of the cartilage to create a tougher, protective joint surface.

Quadriceps weakness is also a risk factor in the progression of knee OA.

Physical rehab provides low-impact exercise, flexibility, and strength training specific to your case.

An unloader brace improves knee alignment, reduces pain, decreases stiffness, and improves function better than other knee braces. The unloader brace can also be used as an alternative to pain medications, such as NSAIDs, and slow down the progression of OA.

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