Boost your Immune System with Chiropractic Care      



Chiropractors treat more than just back and neck pain? They do! While getting adjustments can relieve pain for those suffering from it, it can also contribute to our Immune System by improving the function of the Nervous system as they structurally work together.

Two peas in a pod: The nervous system transmits information to the brain from the entire body and can influence the receptors in the immune system. The combination of the brain, immune, and nervous systems communicate back and forth. If the immune system detects any foreign antigens (toxins or foreign substances) in turn it can tell the nervous system to react.

The Objective of chiropractic care is physically manipulating the area in the body in which there is an interference with a nerve. By doing this it helps to relieve the pressure on the inflamed nerve, in result you have no pain in addition to having normal flow in the body. The better your nervous system can function and relay messages, the better function you will have in your body. This in turn may boost your immunity.

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