Associate Chiropractor

If you like rapid growth and working with enthusiastic team members to improve

patient’s quality of life, you’ll enjoy your career with us!

Position Summary:

As an Associate Chiropractor in our clinic, we desire for you to have a passion for helping others see their full potential and to motivate/assist them to reach their true goals. You will be responsible for remarkable execution of services so the patient’s needs are met or exceeded. As an Associate Chiropractor, you will be an essential piece of the team that is aligned in creating a consistent patient experience to the members of our community.

About Innovative Medical Center:

Our Vision is to change healthcare to the way it SHOULD be, the way it should have been all along. Our philosophy is founded on the idea that the human body was not designed for illness, and when properly cared for, can restore its innate ability to heal.

This is why our Mission Statement is so important to us: We are a state of the art medically integrated team of holistic health and wellness professionals, dedicated to serve the public by bringing health and happiness into a disease less, pain free community. We strive to prevent any unnecessary surgeries as well as reduce the use of any medications.

We are a family of clinics offering team members opportunities for personal growth and development: where passion and purpose come together in a positive, focused environment.

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Performance Objectives:

  • Adjusts patients and keep detailed records of each treatment session
  • Develops emotional connection with patients to understand their expected goals and desired outcomes
  • Reviews x-rays and makes recommendations in the daily team meeting
  • Monitors patients for improvements and set-backs so as to modify services to help clients meet or exceed expectations
  • Effectively and continually educates patients about the need for, and progress through the care plan
  • Recognizes and acknowledges when patients improve and reach goals
  • Engages in effective communication with clinical as well as administrative staff to ensure seamless flow of production


  • Bonuses, Vacation, 401 K, Aflac

Salary Range:

  • $60K – $70K- depending on experience

If you are interested in being a part of an amazing team that is driven by giving clinical results to its patients, we’d love to hear from you!