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YOUR Integrative Health Care in Fresno, CA

WELCOME TO Innovative Medical Center

Innovative Medical Center is an integrated physical medicine practice serving patients in Fresno, California. We are a state of the art medically integrated team of holistic health and wellness professionals, dedicated to serving the public by bringing health and happiness to a disease-less, pain-free community. We strive to prevent any unnecessary surgeries as well as reduce the use of any medications.

This facility offers treatment for a variety of different ailments, including disc disorders, joint pain, allergies, headaches, chronic pain, sports injuries, and auto accident injuries. The doctors at Innovative Medical Center treat patients of all ages, including newborns, children, adults, and seniors. The rehabilitative, medical, and corrective care Innovative Medical Center provides is designed to help patients who are currently in pain, as well as those who want to prevent a painful condition from occurring in the future.

Bill Redmond, MD

Dr. Redmond believes traditional western medicine doesn’t have all the answers to achieving health and got additional training in Cranio-Sacral Therapy. He brings vast experience in ensuring quality care after serving as Medical Director at three hospitals and an outpatient clinic.

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Randall Roulund, DC

Dr. Roulund graduated Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA with a Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree. Dr. Roulund specializes in restoring the body as a whole to its optimal health by removing interference from the nervous system so people can live a happier, healthier functional life.

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New patients are welcome

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When a new patient comes in, the medical staff will perform a thorough examination to identify all of the patient’s existing issues. Our team has years of training, experience, and success in bringing lasting and real relief to our patients. By locating the cause (not just medicating the symptoms) we can very often bring tremendous relief to our patients.

Innovative Medical Center


My experience here has been spectacular. Sarah is super welcoming and informative! I would recommend innovative medical center to anyone in pain.

- A Google Reviewer

I love this place. The staff is Amazing and Always makes you puts a smile on your face. They make you a Priority. This is my 2cnd week and already feeling a difference for the better.

- Kaylynn H.

I have been a client for over two months now. I had major knee, lower back, and neck pain. I couldn't walk without pain. I found out my knee was out of joint and my hip was rotated out, along with neck and back curvature lost. I have no more pain now and have been able to walk without pain and my posture, flexibility, and strength has exceeded my expectations. Thanks to the team at innovative medical for imprvong my health without surgery. Just exercises, chiropractic treatment and healthy shots.

- Karolyn L.

This by far is the best investment of my life. The staff is the best hands down. My treatment program has helped me with neck pain and ankle pain. I can sleep at night again. My workouts are better than ever. And my ankle and neck pain are almost gone.

- Edward K.



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